Electronic Transport in Nanostructures, Spring 2019

LecturerProf. Dr. Thomas Ihn
Tel.: 044 63 32 280
e-mail: ihn@phys.ethz.ch
LecturesWednesday 13:00 - 15:00
Lecture notes and Topics List
Assistants Lev Ginzburg (HPF C13)
Tel.: 044 63 33 792
e-mail: glev@phys.ethz.ch
Giorgio Nicoli' (HPF E13)
Tel.: 044 63 32 312
e-mail: gnicoli@phys.ethz.ch
Exercises Wednesday 15:00 - 16:00
HIT F31.1
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Prospective Audience

The lecture aims at students studying physics after the Bachelor. This lecture is also suitable for PhD students and students from other fields of study. Some basic knowledge of solid state physics and quantum mechanics is expected.


Technological aspects and physical properties of semiconductor nanostructures are discussed. Among the topics are the properties of materials, Drude-Boltzmann theory, quantum Hall effects, quantized conductance, quantum interference and electron transport in quantum dots are discussed.


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